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Leaf Curl

Leaf curl is a common fungal disease of peaches, ornamental peaches and nectarines. A fungus infects the buds of a plant forcing it produce many more cells in an area than it should. This then causes distorted, raised areas to form on the infected part. Leaf curl infects the leaves, fruit, blossoms and shoots. 

About two weeks after the leaves emerge, they develop yellow or reddish raised areas which become distorted and puckered as they grow. Often, the  affected leaves will fall off of the tree or remain and develop a white powder on them. This powder is velvety, fungus spores that spreads when splashed with water.

If you see symptoms of peach leaf curl in the spring, it is too late to treat the tree. Cutting affected branches or diseased leaves does not control the disease and can damage your trees. However, leaf can be managed with a combination of cultural, biological, and chemical controls. If left untreated, peach and nectarine trees will usually die in two or three years.

Leaf Curl


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