Bulk products and plant materials are available for curbside delivery. Delivery rates are based on zip code and charged on a per-trip basis.
Below are our current 2022 delivery rates per zip code.**

Delivery Rate Per Zip Code Maximum Truck Capacity
City Delivery Rate Product Maximum Trip Load
Filer, ID $30 Rock 15 Yards
Buhl, ID $60 Soil & Compost 15 Yards
Twin Falls, ID $60 Bark & Mulch 20  Yards
Kimberly, ID $70
Hansen, ID $80
Hagerman, ID $90
Jerome, ID $90
Castleford, ID $100
Rogerson, ID $100
Eden, ID $120
Murtaugh, ID $130
Wendell, ID $140
Shoshone, ID $150
Bliss, ID $200
Gooding, ID $200
Jackpot, NV $200
Paul, ID $220
Burley, ID $250
Rupert, ID $250
Declo, ID $275
Oakley, ID $300
Albion, ID $320
Bellevue, ID $400
Hailey, ID $400
Ketchum, ID $450
Sun Valley, ID $450
Wells, NV $650
Elko, NV $850


**Delivery rates are subject to change due to truck availability, order quantities, and other conditions. Please contact us to get the most accurate quote.