Refund Policies & Guarantees

Warranties/Return Policy

Live Goods

Plants planted by SILC are guaranteed for one calendar year following their planting.* Planting fees are 100% the cost of the plant material with a $130 minimum planting fee and delivery cost. *An onsite inspection by our Arborist is required. Warranty is void if plant material loss is due to negligence.

Plants are living things, and as they leave our property we cannot guarantee that Mother Nature and/or the soil and location it is planted, or the care it is given will allow it to thrive/survive. We try our best to give you the best information available to make an informed purchase. There is no guarantee/warranty on any plant material not planted by SILC.

Plant material can only be returned up to 24 hours after purchase with receipt and in good condition.

We do offer the free service of one year free plant diagnostics by our in-house Arborist to assist you in remedying issues your plant. Diagnostic forms can be submitted in person or online with a copy of a receipt. For diagnostics after one year, we ask that you commit to a $25 purchase in the form of an SILC Gift Card.

Hard Goods

Hard goods can be returned up to 90 days after purchase. A receipt is required and the good must be in original packaging, unused, and in good condition. Outdoor d├ęcor damaged by the elements are not eligible for return/refunds.

Bulk Products and Concrete Products (Statues, Fountains, and Benches) are not returnable.

We reserve the right to charge restocking fees on certain products.