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Monterey Liqui-Cop, Copper Fungicide, Concentrate, 8 oz.

8 oz. Concentrate

Monterey Liqui-Cop is a copper fungicide garden spray that controls many diseases attacking citrus, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and ornamentals. The control of diseases with fungicides is based on prevention. Plant surfaces must be covered entirely with the fungicide to prevent infection successfully. Keep in mind, copper pesticides are considered preventative, not curative, of plant diseases.

  • Disease prevention for fruit trees, nut crops, citrus, vegetables and ornamentals.
  • Controls blights, anthracnose, brown rot, shot hole, downy and powdery mildew, leaf spot, and peach leaf curl. 
  • Use the highest indicated rate when disease incidence is high or expected to be, depending on rainfall and temperature. The lower rate is suitable for general preventive sprays under normal conditions.