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White Drift Groundcover Rose

2 & 3 Gallon

The White Drift® Rose features big clusters of one-inch roses of pure white. They may be small, but they are so abundant that this bush usually has more than 100 blooms on it at any time. It grows into a low, spreading mound, just 18 inches tall, but 3 feet across, filling spaces in the front of your beds with lush green leaves and continuous white blooms. It grows well in every garden zone from zone 4 on, so everyone can enjoy this great plant, and it is so easy to grow. Plant it in the front of beds, along a walkway or drive, at the top of walls, and in planters and boxes – you don’t even need a garden to enjoy this terrific plant.

  • Zones: 4–11
  • Exposure: Full sun
  • Habit: 1½’ h x 2½’ w

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