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Victoria Rhubarb (Garden Starter Plant)

1 Gallon

Heirloom. Best known as an ingredient in pies and tarts, rhubarb is a perennial with edible celery-like stalks. The leaves contain high concentrations of oxalic acid and should not be eaten. While rhubarb is sometimes eaten raw with sugar sprinkled on it, most uses for this plant are in recipes where its tart flavor is a unique addition. Because it is perennial, choose a permanent spot in your garden for rhubarb. Plant so that crowns are 4 inches deep.

  • Light:  Full sun
  • Plant type:  Perennial
  • Stalk size:  18 to 24 inches
  • Matures:  Second year
  • Plant spacing:  36 to 60 inches apart
  • Plant size:  Up to 4 feet wide and 4 feet tall

* Photos and description courtesy of Bonnie Plants.