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Sweet Marjoram (Garden Starter Plant)


Origanum majorana

Sweet marjoram could be described as a mild oregano. Bushy and lush, you will want to harvest snips throughout the growing season and trim it all at the end of the growing season to dry for later use. In Germany, it’s a popular seasoning for sausage. In the northern US, it is popular for turkey stuffing. In France, Italy, and Portugal it is used to flavor soups, lamb, veal, stews, and assorted vegetables.

  • Light:  Full sun 
  • Spacing:  12 inches
  • Plant size:  12 to 24 inches tall, 12 to 18 inches wide
  • Garden use:  Herb gardens, containers
  • Culinary use:  Green beans, turkey stuffing, soups, stews

* Photos and description courtesy of Bonnie Plants.