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Super Chili Pepper (Garden Starter Plant)


Peppers grow upright in clusters, are very hot, and turn from light green to red when mature. The plant has green stems, green leaves, and white flowers. The plant produces 3 times as many peppers than regular chile peppers. The Super Chili is great for flavoring Asian dishes, including Thai and Szechwan cuisine, among others. Like many other chili peppers, they can be harvested and used at any stage of maturity.

  • Light:  Full sun
  • Fruit size:  1-½ inches long by 1/2" wide
  • Matures:  85 days after planting
  • Plant spacing:  18 to 24 inches apart
  • Plant size:  24 to 36 inches tall
  • Scoville heat units:  40,000 to 50,000 (hot)