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Shenandoah Melodies 35-inch Windchime


Shenandoah Melodies® 35" S1305 is a reasonably sized chime designed for year-round enjoyment in any location. This chime's size makes it ideal garden art for any setting! It is small enough to be used as an accent piece on a patio, yet large enough to serve as the centerpiece in the yard. Regardless of where you place it, its tranquil melodies will delight you through all seasons.


Overall Length (Inches): 35"
Number of Tubes: 5
Hand-Tuned to Scale: D
Display Dimensions (Inches): 35"L x 8"H x 8"W
Diameter of Tubes (Inches): 1"
Length of Longest Tube (Inches): 18 1/2"
Notes in Chime: E, G, A, B, D
Weight: 3.00 lbs
Brand: Shenandoah Melodies®