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Master Nursery Pest Fighter Year-Round Spray Oil, OMRI, Ready-to-Spray, 32 oz.

32 oz. RTS Bottle

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Pest Fighter Year-Round Spray Oil is an all-natural, fine grade horticultural oil for insect control on fruit trees, vegetables, houseplants, and ornamentals. Pest Fighter Year Round Spray Oil uses no synthetic chemicals. It can be used up to the day of harvest. It comes in 3 formulas: a 32 ounce ready to use trigger spray bottle; a 32 ounce ready to spray bottle that hooks on the hose and will mix up to 25 gallons of spray; and a concentrate solution for the gardener who wants to mix up a solution in his/her own tank sprayer. It kills pests, helps prevent mildew, and leaves your leaves clean and shiny!

  • Use on fruit trees, vegetables, houseplants and ornamentals
  • Use up to the day of harvest
  • Does not contain synthetic chemicals
  • Kills whitefly, aphids, spider mites, scale, mites, mealybug, thrips, fungus gnats and more