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Japanese Giant Red Mustard (Garden Starter Plant)

6 Pack

Dress up your garden with the bold maroon and chartreuse leaves of Japanese Giant Red Mustard. Raw in the garden, leaves serve a sinus-clearing punch akin to Dijon-style mustard. Washed and tossed in a salad, the peppery pungency tones down. Mature leaves are ideal for juicing, pickling, or use in Asian dishes. A single leaf gives a sandwich an unexpected kick. Or prepare like traditional Southern greens. Plants grow best in full sun, but will tolerate partial shade and even appreciate it in spring in hot climates. A head-turning beauty, this mustard has ornamental value too. Use it in the vegetable garden, flower beds, or containers.

  • Light:  Sun to Part Shade
  • Leaf size:  12 to 18 Inches
  • Matures:  40 to 45 days after planting
  • Plant spacing:  12 to 18 Inches apart
  • Plant size:  12 to 18 Inches tall and wide

* Photos and description courtesy of Bonnie Plants.