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George Burns Floribunda Rose

3 Gallon

Just the array of novel colors in every flower can bring a smile to your face…although maybe not as many smiles as its namesake, the late George Burns. But it's a definite 'feel-good' rose; bright cheery ever-changing colors of yellow, deep red, rose pink and cream, big fragrant ruffled flowers, large clean deep glossy green foliage and a fairly compact yet free-flowering plant. More yellow shows up in moderate cool temperatures.

  • Class: Floribunda
  • Plant Habit: Medium-low
  • Growth Habit: Rounded, upright
  • Plant Height: 30 to 42 inches
  • Stem Length: Medium
  • Foliage Color: Deep glossy green
  • Disease Resistance: Very good
  • Flower Color: Stripes of yellow, red, pink & cream
  • Bud Form: Full, rounded
  • Flower Size: Large, about 4 inch diameter
  • Flower Form: Ruffled, full & decorative
  • Petal Count: 30 to 35
  • Parentage: Calico X Roller Coaster
  • Fragrant List: Fragrant
* Photos and description courtesy of Weeks Roses.

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