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Eastern Redbud Tree


Cercis canadensis 

A small graceful tree with an open and irregular habit. It is prized for the pea-like reddish-purple buds that open to a purplish-pink or lavender color along the branches and trunk before the leaves emerge in early spring. The heart shaped leaves are light green, turning yellow in the fall. Leguminous seedpods mature and dry throughout the summer. Eastern Redbud performs best in moderately fertile soil that is well-drained, but has access to consistent moisture. Attractive as a street or lawn tree either as a specimen, in small groups, or in naturalized setting..

  • Height:  20 to 30 feet
  • Spread:  20 to 25 feet
  • Shape:  Vase-shaped
  • Exposure:  Full Sun
  • Foliage:  Deep green
  • Fall Foliage:  Brilliant yellow
  • Zone:  5-9