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Citronella Geranium (Mosquito Plant)


Pelargonium citrosum

A citrus-scented geranium, this is a great patio plant, especially in containers. Be careful not to over-fertilize because too much nitrogen can reduce the fragrance of the leaves. Although the oil from crushed leaves may have some ability to discourage mosquitoes, the plants alone are grown more for their refreshing scent than as a mosquito repellent. Place citronella near a gate or path where you brush against the leaves as you walk by, or in a pot where children can rub the leaves to enjoy their fragrance. Plants are vigorous growers and drought tolerant. Be sure to move indoors before frost.

  • Light:  Full sun to part shade
  • Spacing:  18 to 24 inches
  • Plant size:  24 to 36 inches tall 
  • Features:  Strongly lemon-scented leaves
  • Garden use:  Herb garden, flower border, containers