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Black Lava Nuggets Landscape Rock (Bulk)

Cubic Yard

Volcanic Scoria:  Black Volcanic Scoria (Lava Rock)

Product Size:  3/4" -1 3/4"

Characteristics: Black Lava Nuggets are a natural, professionally screened red volcanic scoria.

Lava rocks are a type of volcanic rock that is often utilized in landscaping as a hardscape material. They are available in a range of colors, such as rust, dark maroon, or black, which complement diverse landscapes. These rocks are characterized by their large, porous nuggets and sponge-like texture. Compared to standard decorative stones, lava rocks are roughly half the weight.

  • Using landscape rock in your outdoor space can have many benefits. It can help to reduce water usage by preventing soil erosion and retaining moisture in the soil. 
  • It can also help reduce the required maintenance, as it does not need to be watered, fertilized, or mowed like traditional grassy lawns.
  • To install landscape rock, ensure the designated area is clear of grass, weeds, and other debris. Afterward, a layer of landscaping fabric is typically placed to inhibit weed growth. Finally, the rock is spread to the desired depth across the area.

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