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Adirondack Crabapple Tree

10 Gallon

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Malus 'Adirondack'

Highly rated for both aesthetics and disease resistance by the International Ornamental Crabtree Society. Dark carmine buds are evident for weeks before opening into large pink-edged white blossoms. The slender, upright form lends itself well to home gardens where space is at a premium. Abundant, persistent, orange-red fruit adds fall and winter interest. Requires virtually no pruning nor chemical controls for the common crabapple diseases.

  • Height:  15 to 18 feet
  • Spread:  12 to 16 feet
  • Shape:  Narrow, upright
  • Exposure:  Full Sun
  • Foliage:  Dark green
  • Fall Foliage:  Insignificant
  • Zone:  4-8