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4 in 1 Pear Tree

10 & 15 Gallon

Growing several varieties on one grafted tree is a practical, fun way to produce more kinds of fruit in a small space as well as spread the harvest over a longer season.

  • Bartlett Pear:  World's most popular pear. High quality, tolerates hot summers. Self-fruitful in most climates of Western U.S.
  • Bosc Pear:  Long and narrow shape, brown skin. Superb quality, one of the best. Use fresh or cooked. Susceptible to fire blight in warm, moist climates.
  • Comice Pear:  The famous gift pack pear. Sweet, aromatic, fine texture, superb flavor and quality - one of the best. Short neck, greenish-yellow skin with red blush.
  • D’Anjou Pear:  Large, short necked, firm, good quality, keeps well.