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Sugar Moon Hybrid Tea Rose

3 Gallon

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Spicy fragrance, loads of bloom & super-long elegant buds of gold polished with rosy pink. The long-lasting sparkling yellow-orange tones are rich & opulent enough to bring out the gold digger in any gardener. But it doesn't take a stash of expensive chemicals to keep this good lookin' girl happy in the landscape. The natural disease resistance & strong vigor do the deed. Very dark green leaves & unusual red stems set off the many showy clusters of blossoms. 'Scent-sational' for a bouquet & 'beauty-full' in the landscape.

  • Class: Hybrid Tea
  • Plant Habit: Medium-tall to tall
  • Growth Habit: Tall/ Very upright & bushy
  • Plant Height: 4' 11" to 5' 7"
  • Stem Length: Long
  • Foliage Color: Rich dark glossy green
  • Disease Resistance: Very good
  • Flower Color: Super fragrant pure white
  • Bud Form: Pointed, elegant
  • Flower Size: Large, up to 5-inch diameter
  • Flower Form: Full, classically formed
  • Petal Count: Over 30 broad petals
  • Parentage: Meredith x (Moonstone x Baby Love)
  • Fragrant List: Intense sweet citrus & rose

* Photos and description courtesy of Weeks Roses.