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Pequin Chili Pepper (Garden Starter Plant)


A beautiful plant! The tiny fruits turn brilliant red when ripe, but don’t let their beauty fool you: These peppers pack a serious punch. Plants produce a huge harvest of extremely hot peppers with smoky flavor. (The longer they stay on the plant, the hotter they get.) Use them in soups, vinegars, oils, hot sauces, and salsas. Great for drying. Excellent for container growing.

  • Light:  Full Sun
  • Matures:  120-150 days after planting
  • Fruit size:  ½ to 1 inch long
  • Plant spacing:  18 to 24 inches apart
  • Plant size:  18 to 24 inches tall
  • Scoville heat units:  Over 50,000 (extremely hot)

* Photos and description courtesy of Bonnie Plants.