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Morning Glow Floribunda Rose

3 Gallon

Wake up to a brand new morning with this fresh Floribunda. Our Morning Glow Floribunda rose combines dark green foliage, outstanding bud form, and large, nearly 4" across, old-fashioned blooms in a silky ginger-root yellow. That gorgeous contrast, along with its light tea fragrance, will set Morning Glow apart from all the other roses in your garden. Floribunda roses are defined by their large, full clusters of flowers and this new variety is no exception, with romantic sunrise colors in large, bowl-shaped blooms. Excellent color retention and strong disease resistance.

  • Class:  Floribunda
  • Plant Habit:  Medium
  • Growth Habit:  Evenly rounded & bushy 
  • Foliage Color:  Dark green foliage
  • Disease Resistance:  Very good
  • Flower Color:  Soft gold
  • Flower Size:  Medium-large, around 3½-4½ inch diameter
  • Flower Form:  Old-fashioned, elegant & very full
  • Petal Count:  Single, mostly in small clusters (70 to 110 petals)
  • Fragrant List:  Light tea fragrance
* Photos and description courtesy of Weeks Roses.

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