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Monterey Garden Insect Spray, Ready-to-Use, OMRI, 32 oz.

32 oz. RTU Spray Bottle

Monterey Garden Insect Spray is a broad spectrum insecticide that contains Spinosad, which is derived through fermentation of a naturally-occurring soil bacterium. Spinosad works on the insects' nervous system, causing paralysis and death in 1-2 days. Since the insects are paralyzed, they may stay on the plants and be mistaken for live insects; always check 2-3 days after spraying to evaluate control in the insect population.

  • Control powdery mildew. 
  • Control aphids, beetles, codling moths, earwigs, gypsy moth, mealybugs, mites, scale insects, spider mites, thrips, weevils, foliage feeding worms and caterpillars, and many other listed pests.
  • For use on vegetables, fruit and nut trees, citrus, berries, herbs, ornamentals, shrubs, flowers, lawns, and trees in home gardens.
  • OMRI listed for organic gardening.