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Little Zebra Miscanthus (Dwarf Zebra Grass)

1 Gallon

Miscanthus sinensus 'Little Zebra'

Ease of maintenance and reliable bloom makes this one of the most popular ornamental grasses on the market. Though it looks like 'Zebrinus' with its distinctive gold banding, this variety is shorter, more upright, and keeps its color all season.

'Little Zebra' flowers reliably every year in late summer, even when the weather is unusually cool. The lovely reddish purple plumes are held about 1' above the foliage, changing to a creamy tan color in winter.

  • Height:  3 to 4 Feet
  • Width:  2 to 3 Feet
  • Shape:  Upright
  • Exposure:  Full Sun to Part Shade
  • Foliage:  Variegated
  • Zone:  5-9