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Legends Hybrid Tea Rose

3 Gallon

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MONSTROUS buds & HUMUNGOUS blossoms of rich ruby red hold their durable brilliance from beginning to end. IMMENSE petals (just one can cover a child's palm) lend a classical Hybrid Tea bud shape, slowly spiraling open to a ruffled WHOPPER of a show-stopper. LARGE lettuce-like leaves of an unusual red-green color gracefully enrobe the long cutting stems—in perfect proportion to the flower. Who needs a bouquet? It only takes one PRODIGIOUS posy to fill a vase. Most massive in the spring.

  • Class:  Hybrid Tea
  • Plant Habit:  Medium to medium-tall
  • Growth Habit:  Upright to slightly spreading
  • Plant Height:  43" to 4¼'
  • Stem Length:  Long
  • Foliage Color:  Very large, reddened green
  • Disease Resistance:  Very good
  • Flower Color:  Resilient bright ruby red – sometimes kissed with ebony
  • Bud Form:  Big, pointed & ovoid
  • Flower Size:  Massive, more than 5 and as large as 8 inches in diameter
  • Flower Form:  Huge, full & ruffled
  • Petal Count:  Around 30
  • Parentage:  (City of San Franscisco x Olympiad) x [Amalia x (Ingrid Bergman x All That Jazz)]

* Photos and description courtesy of Weeks Roses.