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Hedera helix var. baltica (Baltic English Ivy)


Hedera helix var. baltica 

There are many selections of English Ivy, and all are useful evergreen groundcovers or climbing vines. This very hardy variety has medium-sized dark green leaves. Winter colour is bronzy-red. Excellent in containers or mixed tubs. Stems will root into the ground as they creep, and new plants can be easily moved in early spring. Plan on planting from 3 to 10 plants per square yard (or meter) in larger areas. This will grow as a vine, climbing trees or buildings to a height of 20 feet or more, the stems are self-clinging.

  • Height:  4 to 6 inches
  • Width:  12 to 24 inches
  • Habit:  Trailing
  • Exposure:  Full Sun to Full Shade
  • Zone:  5-9