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Thyme 'English'

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English thyme is a low-growing plant with fragrant leaves. This herb goes well with just about everything. Add it (fresh or dried) to blended herb mixtures, or use in soups, sauces, beans, meat dishes, and more. It’s also a great addition to potpourri or homemade soap. But thyme isn’t just useful inside the house, as it also makes a wonderfully aromatic ground cover or border.

  • Light:  Full sun to part shade
  • Spacing:  12 to 15 inches
  • Plant size:  12 inches tall
  • Garden use:  Herb garden, flower border, containers, 
  • Culinary use:  Blended herb mixtures, soups, sauces, butters, beans, meat dishes

* Photos and description courtesy of Bonnie Plants.

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