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Charleston Gray Watermelon (Garden Starter Plant)


Heirloom. The classic oblong watermelon, Charleston Gray has red, fiberless flesh and a tough, medium-thick gray-green rind often used for making watermelon rind pickles. At one time this was the predominant watermelon in home gardens and markets. The seed we use to grow our Charleston Gray watermelon plants originated in 1954 at the USDA Southern Vegetable Breeders Lab in Charleston, South Carolina. It is not a seedless variety. Grow this one for seed spitting contests! Give vines plenty of room to run.

Resistant to fusarium wilt.

  • Light:  Full sun
  • Fruit size:  25 pounds
  • Matures:  85 days
  • Plant spacing:  36 to 60 inches apart
  • Plant size:  Long vine