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Best Super Turf Fertilizer 25-5-5 with GAL-XeONE and Turf Supreme 50 lbs.

50 lb. Bag

A dry application, controlled-release landscape fertilizer with GAL-XeONE and Turf Supreme. Super Turf contains all 57% slow release nitrogen from GAL-XeONE. This is an excellent turf fertilizer that provides great green color for up to 12 weeks. Super Turf can be applied to turf grass without watering for up to 24 hours after application.

  • Superior Blend – includes the most essential turf nutrients–nitrogen, phosphate, potash, sulfur and iron– in a virtually stain-resistant homogeneous pellet
  • Extended Nitrogen Feeding – 57% of the nitrogen is from Polyon® (polymer-coated urea), which provide up to 12 weeks of turf response
  • Dry Application – Turf Supreme® homogeneous N-P-K granules provide a watering window of up to 24 hours before theres a danger of turf burn
  • Labor Savings – longer-lasting, controlled-release nitrogen means fewer applications and a slower