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Anaheim Hot Pepper (Garden Starter Plant)


Also called a New Mexico or California chile, this is a green, chile-type, mildly hot pepper that ripens to a pretty deep red. The thick-walled fruit is the classic pepper used for chiles rellenos, soups, and stews. Rich, mellow flavor. Plants are disease resistant. Plants bear continously through summer where nighttime temperatures aren’t higher than 90 degrees. This is also the variety that has been most widely grown and dried to make ristras, or string of dried Chile peppers, that are a New Mexico tradition. Originating as a practical way for farmers to cure peppers to keep a long time, the pretty strings of dozens of dried red peppers have taken on ornamental value as well.

  • Light:  Full sun
  • Fruit size:  7 1/2 x 2 inches
  • Matures:  74 to 80 days
  • Plant spacing:  18 to 24 inches
  • Plant size:  18 to 24 inches tall, 18 inches wide
  • Scoville heat units:  500 to 2,500 (mild)

* Photos and description courtesy of Bonnie Plants.