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3 in 1 Apple Tree

10 & 15 Gallon

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Growing several varieties on one tree is a practical, fun way to produce more kinds of fruit in a small space as well as spread the harvest over a longer season. Trees include three of the following varieties:

  • Fuji:  Sweet, very crisp and flavorful, excellent keeper. Dull reddish orange skin, sometimes russeted. Excellent pollenizer for other apple varieties.
  • Gala:  Wonderful dessert apple from New Zealand. Crisp, nice blend of sweetness and tartness, rich flavor. Skin reddish orange over yellow. Early harvest. Good pollenizer for other varieties. Adapted to cold- and warm-winter climates.
  • Granny Smith:  Large, late, green, all-purpose. Crisp, tart, excellent keeper. Requires long summer, thrives in hot climates. For delicious, sweet-tart fruits in California's central valley, wait to harvest until late October/early November. Prolonged bloom: good pollenizer for other apples.
  • Golden Delicious:  Long-time favorite for its sweetness and flavor. Reliable producer, adapted to many climates. Pollenizer for Red Delicious.