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Valentine's Day Climbing Rose

3 Gallon

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My love is like a red, red rose…and there ain't no redder red than this lovely little Climbing Mini-flora. Clusters of double blossoms are the same clear velvet red from bud to finish. The look of love is complimented by very dark green clean leaves. Blooms & repeat blooms in the very first year on new & old wood. Ideal for low fences, balcony accents or a decorative trellis in a showy pot. Hardy & red. Very disease resistant.

  • Class: Patio Climber
  • Plant Habit: Long canes of 6 to 10 feet
  • Growth Habit: Medium for a Climber
  • Plant Height: 6' to 10'
  • Stem Length: Medium
  • Foliage Color: Deep glossy green, very dark red new growth
  • Disease Resistance: Excellent
  • Flower Color: Velvety deep red from beginning to finish
  • Bud Form: Cute, fat & pointed to nearly globular
  • Flower Size: Medium, 2 to 2½ inches in diameter
  • Flower Form: Usually in clusters, very double
  • Petal Count: 25 to 30
  • Parentage: Amalia X Raven
* Photos and description courtesy of Weeks Roses.