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Tomato 'Roma'

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Prized for its use in tomato paste and sauces, Roma produces a large harvest of thick-walled, meaty, bright red, egg-shaped tomatoes about 3 inches long and with few seeds. This tomato is not juicy. This is not a slicing tomato. Instead, the flesh is thick and drier so that it will cook down into a thick sauce. Cooking intensifies flavor, too. If you can tomatoes, make your own spaghetti sauce, or like to chop a tomato into an omelet, this is a great choice. It’s not too juicy in the pan compared to slicing tomatoes. The fruit freezes well for later cooking, too.

The compact, determinate vines are resistant to verticillium wilt (V) and fusarium wilt (F) and widely adapted throughout the US.

  • Light:  Full sun
  • Fruit size:  3 inches long
  • Matures:  73 to 80 days
  • Plant spacing:  24 to 36 inches apart
  • Plant size:  4 to 6 feet tall
  • Plant type:  Determinate

* Photos and description courtesy of Bonnie Plants.

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