Thyme Organic Seed Packet - Ferry-Morse

Thyme Organic Seed Packet - Ferry-Morse

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The leaves of the herb Thyme have a marked but agreeable aroma and pungent flavor; noted for attracting bees. Thyme is used fresh or dried, often for seasoning clam chowder and other fish soups. Thyme seeds usually take 8-20 days to germinate under proper conditions.

  • Flavor: Pungent with a subtle dry aroma and slight minty flavor.
  • Preparation Ideas: Especially flavorful in clam chowder and other soups, stews, and meats.
  • Plant Type: Herb
  • Fill Weight (grams): 0.225
  • Grows Best In: Full Sun
  • Days to Germination: 8-20 Days
  • Days to Maturity: 80-85 Days
  • Planting Depth: .25"
  • Seed Spacing: 8"
  • Growing Height: 8-12"
  • Best Container Size: 12"+

Instructions: Start seeds indoors in a sunny location 6 weeks before transplanting outdoors. Or, sow in the garden in ordinary, well-drained soil after the danger of frost is past and the soil has warmed. Thin or transplant plants to 8 inches apart when they are 2 inches tall. Pick leaves as needed.

Suggestions: For drying leaves, cut the entire plant to 2 inches above the ground just before it flowers in early summer. Dry leaves in the shade. Thyme will thrive as a potted plant.