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Sunstruck Hybrid Tea Rose

3 Gallon

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Enormous round petals always translate to BIG blossoms with lovely flower form. In the case of Sunstruck, each large petal is an artistic masterpiece of deep yellow gold blushed & bordered with apricot orange. A surprising bright yellow 'peacock' fan pattern on the reverse of each petal gives this rose its name. Long stems with deep green leaves carry each regal flower. Best color with light afternoon shade. More intense in cool temps.

  • Class: Hybrid Tea
  • Plant Habit: Medium-tall
  • Growth Habit: Upright to slightly spreading, bushy
  • Plant Height: 4' 7" to 5¼'
  • Stem Length: Long
  • Foliage Color: Rich glossy green
  • Disease Resistance: Very good
  • Flower Color: Shades of gold with a yellow 'peacock' fan pattern on the reverse
  • Bud Form: Long, pointed & full
  • Flower Size: Very large, up to 6 inch diameter
  • Flower Form: Classic Hybrid Tea form, fully double
  • Petal Count: Near 30
  • Parentage: Sunset Celebration x (Voodoo x seedling)

* Photos and description courtesy of Weeks Roses.