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Sucker Punch Chokecherry Tree

10 Gallon

Prunus 'P002S'  

Unlike most chokecherries, Sucker Punch is a selection that doesn’t sucker, making it desirable for use in many landscape settings where a tidy ornamental tree is needed. Its leaves emerge green in spring and then turn a deep, reddish-purple. Multi-season interest begins with lovely clusters of white blossoms in spring, yielding edible blue-black fruits that attract songbirds in late summer.

  • Height:  20 to 30 Feet
  • Spread:  18 to 20 feet
  • Shape:  Rounded
  • Exposure:  Full Sun
  • Foliage:  Green to deep purple
  • Fall Foliage:  Reddish tint
  • Zone:  3-6

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