Netafim Techline Dripline 17 mm

Netafim Techline Dripline 17 mm

Netafim Techline Dripline 17 mm

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Flow Rate:  0.9 gallon per hour

Emitter Spacing:  12 inches

For high-performance tubing in irrigation projects, select the Netafim Techline TLDL Dripline. With a polyethylene tube and a silicone diaphragm, it is a dependable, sturdy, and reliable material for outside application. It has a one-piece dripline construction, ensuring easy installation and ease of use. This dripline is designed with an anti-siphon emitter, which prevents waste from entering and blocking the tube when used for subsurface applications.

  • The first anti-siphon emitter in landscape dripline emitter manufactured and successfully used in harsh agricultural applications
  • Self-contained, one-piece dripline construction, assures reliable, easy installation
  • Emitter with anti-siphon feature prevents ingestion of debris into tubing caused by vacuum

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