Monterey Foli-Cal® RTU

Monterey  Foli-Cal® RTU

Monterey Foli-Cal® RTU

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Convenient 32 oz Ready-To-Use spray to correct calcium deficiency. No mixing.

A liquid formulation of calcium for preventing and treating plant physiological disorders associated with calcium deficiency.

These include:

  • “Bitter pit” of apples
  • “Blossom end-rot” of tomatoes, peppers and melons
  • “Brown checking” (black heart) of celery
  • “Internal brown spot” of potato tubers
  • “Cork spot” of pears
  • “Internal browning” of grapes, etc.

Note: Foliar sprays of Foli-Cal RTU are intended to complement good soil fertility by supplying nutrients directly to the foliage, roots and fruit of crops during critical growth stages.


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