Monterey Codling Moth Trap & Lure

Monterey Codling Moth Trap & Lure

Monterey Codling Moth Trap & Lure

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Pheromone based lure and trap for use in apples, pears, crabapples and walnuts.

Attracts and traps Codling Moths

Codling moths are a worldwide pest that attacks apples, pears, walnuts and quince, so these are the trees to use it on.

How it Works: Codling Moth Trap & Lure is a sex pheromone lure that attracts the male codling moth and traps it. The trap can be used to monitor the moth population, and determine when to begin insecticide application.

Easy to set up and place:

  1. Just grasp the trap by the top and bottom flaps. Pull apart to form the trap.
  2. Open the lure packet and place one lure on the upper inside surface of the trap.
  3. Place the trap 1–2 feet inside the tree canopy.

Note: When moths start to collect in the traps, that is the time to start the insecticide application.

Box contains 2 complete traps and lures.

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