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Elina Hybrid Tea Rose

3 Gallon

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One of the world's best roses, this Irish lass will compliment and even illuminate any other color you might want to plant nearby. Best of all, she grows and blooms with the greatest of ease producing armloads of long stems with large full flowers and deep green resistant foliage.

  • Class:  Hybrid Tea
  • Plant Habit:  Medium-tall
  • Growth Habit:  Bushy
  • Stem Length:  Long
  • Foliage Color:  Deep green
  • Flower Color:  Radiant soft yellow
  • Flower Size:  Large
  • Flower Form:  Full
  • Petal Count:  30 to 35
  • Parentage:  Nana Mouskouri x Lolita

* Photos and description courtesy of Weeks Roses.