Black Lava Nuggets

Black Lava Nuggets
Black Lava Nuggets

Black Lava Nuggets

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Volcanic Scoria:     BLACK VOLCANIC SCORIA (Lava Rock)

Product Size:          3/4" -1 3/4"

Characteristics:      Black Lava Nuggets are an all natural professionally screened red volcanic scoria.

Product Description and Uses:   Black Lava Nuggets is an all natural Volcanic Scoria (lava rock) product coming straight from nature. Our Black Lava Nugget is a ¾ -1 3/4 professionally screened lava rock. Black Lava nuggets is commonly used as decorative Landscape rock to enhance and beatify homes and business. Our lava rock has also been used for driveways, fire pits, and for bio-filter applications.    


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